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Pakistani Bridel,s Hand

Frere Hall Karachi

Frere hall is one of the landmarks of Karachi it is a well preserved English building that still remains in its full glory, Although it was a public place and was vanue for all types of functions book exhibtions and picnic point for Karaciates but unfortunatly the US consulates being in the neighbourhood it is now declared a security zone. No one is allowed to visit it or even take picture of the hall. There is a library and Art gallery of Sadqain’s painting in it but due to the fact that it is now more or less closed for public no one actually visits them.

When one drives from Saddar to clifton in Karachi one however can still admire the beuty of this beautiful building.

frare hall Karachi

The picture was taken on 27th Feb 2009 by Jamal Panhwar

History of Frere Hall

frare-hall-old-pictureFrere Hall was built in honour of Sir Henry Bartle Edward Frere (1815-1884), who was known for promoting economic development in the Karachi city during the British Raj Times.

Out of twelve designs submitted, the one by Lt. Col St. Clair Wilson was chosen and construction started in 1863. It was biult with a cost of 180,000 Rupees. It was opened by Samuel Mansfield, the Commissioner of Sind in 1865.

The building is built in the Venetian Gothic style in yellow sandstone which supposedly came from the surrounding hills of Karachi. Limestone and red and grey sandstones from Jungshahi was also used in the construction. Richard Burton when saw frere hall said “the Veneto-Gothic, so fit for Venice, so unfit for Karachi”

It was used as a Town Hall during the British Raj. It also housed a number of busts of famous people including King Edward VII’s which was a gift from Seth Edulji Dinshaw. It also housed oil paintings of former Commissioners in Sind including Sir Charles Pritchard and Sir Evan James.

Later after Pakistan was founded it was used as a public hall and a library was established while top floor was museum. In nintees top floor hall was decorated with murals of famous artist of Pakistan Sadquain.

Cricket on Streets

Cricket being played by youngsters on a street while traffic is going bye.


Photograph By Javed Qureshi APPLICATION Rawalpindi.

Washing clothes in Pakistan

Hardworking strong women of Pakistan’s rural areas afford the burden of washing clothes of the whole family. They collect carry the bundles of clothes, quilts and bed sheets to the nearby rivers or ponds and wash the clothes and enjoy the nature at its purest, while their kids enjoy swimming or showering in the water.

The following pictures are of such bold women of our country who are not aware of what goes on Pakistani and western media in their name.


Pakistani Girl Gets Scholarship from L’Oreal


lshrat BANO a PhD student in Bionanotechnology at the Quaid-I-Azam University in Islamabad, Pakistan has been selected for L’Oreals fellowship at University of Cambridge UK

Her research focuses on the practical applications of nanotechnology in medicine.

Nanoparticles are particles with dimensions of iess than 100nm (a nanometer is one-biliionth of a meter} and are attracting a lot of interest in the field of drug development. Their small size and ability to transport drugs directly to target locations open up many possibilities for more efhcient and effective drug delivery, particularly in cancer patients.

Ishrat Bano is looking into the use of magnetic narioparticles in drug delivery. These offer the additional advantage of being more easily directed to diseased tissue through the use of an external magnetic field to direct the particles. Because they can target so efficiently, they also reduce the quantity of drug required to reach the appropriate concentration in the target location, therefore minimizing severe side effects in other, healthy parts ofthe body. However, magnetic particles have a tendency to stick together and cause potential blockage in the tiny capillaries of the blood system.

lt is therefore essential that the particles used are superparamagnetic — only exhibiting magnetism in the presence of an external magnetic field. During her fellowship she will receive training in the synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles adapted to drug delivery.

The ability of these particles to transport drugs is affected by acidity, temperature and the binding sites on the drug moIecuIe`s surface. She will test different methods of drug binding using insulin as a model protein drug and, using acidic solutions to simulate the conditions found in the stomach, she will also test the stability ofthe insulin-loaded particles and their ability to release the drug.

On return to Pakistan, Ishrat Bano will complete her PhD studies and then, as a postdoctoral researcher, she hopes to have the chance to make an important contribution tothe field of drug delivery using bionariotechnology.

Changing life of Pakistan

Life in Pakistani villages does not show much change since ages however in cities things are indeed changing. This picture show a woman carring Plastic Cans filled with fresh water for her home. In old days instead of Plastic terracotta pots were used. In villages terracotta pots are still popular.


Photo By Farhan Khan APP Hyderabad


In this picture 2 happy Girls bring a large water can for their home in Lahore. Photo By Rana Ahmed APPLICATION Lahore

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Bridal Make up of Pakistan

Pakistanis marriages are full of traditions and customs. In the modern days a new custom has also been born Bridal make up that is. The parents of the girl spend quite a lot of money on make up of the brides which ususally washes away with tears when the Bride bring tears at the time of leaving the home of her parents.


Model Brides at a Bridal Competition in Islamabad.


Grop photo of Pakistani Brides from Islmabad.


A Model getting Henna on her hand for a Bridal make up competition.

Pakistani Media Portrys Bad image of Pakistan

Pakistani Media Portrys Bad image of Pakistan

Dawn the most prestigious newspaper of Pakistan exposed one of the TV cannels making a drama of Pakistan’s pverty
In the pictures below is the crew from a private TV channel trying, what could best be described as manipulation if not outright dishonesty. A nomad woman who, along with her child, is on her way to work, was asked to take off her kid’s clothes. They then filmed the child naked, most probably to depict abject poverty in the outskirts of Islamabad. Once the filming was done, the crew walked away without much remorse, but after giving the child a note of Rs100. Arundhati Roy was right: there is money in poverty. Journalist organisations believe that at a time when television journalism in the country has touched new heights in terms of providing truthful news to millions of viewers in the country, use of unethical means by a handful remains a matter of concern.—Text and photos by Tanveer Shahzad

The lady was carrying cotton in a happy and humble mood while the camera man of the ill mannered TV channel caught her and prumably asked to take her picture and out of politeness she permited him

Now the bugger asked her to take her little angels clothes off to portray a thrilling image of Pakistan

Now the so called expert jounalist is exposing Pakistan nacked shame of such Channels and such people. This happens every where the be it security situation or be it when they want to insult the government.

Woman obviously innocently laughs and feels proud of her son while not knowing what story this iletrate and shamless media man Will Tell To The World.

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World In Your Hands

Computer for sale with Weight

Click On Pic 4 Large View :)

Funny Consequences of George Bush's Deeds

This photo was taken when the Chinese President went to US.

This photo was taken when Bush went to China.

Funny Indus Tv Reporter

Desi Dance Performance

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Kahu tou loat jatay hain

Kahu tou loat jatay hain

Abhi tou baat lamhon tak hai, saloun tak nahi aie

Abhi muskan ki nobat bhi, naalon tak nahi aie

Abhi tak koi majboori khayalon tak nahi aie

Abhi tou gard pairon tak hai, baalon tak nahi aie

Kahu tou loat jatay hain!!!

Tumhara saath agar mil jaye

Tou zamanay se ulajhna baat hie kia hai

Agar tum chorh dou mujh ko

Meri auqat hie kia hai

Mere baarai main na socho

Tum apni baat batlao

Kahu tou chaltay rehtain hain

Kahu tou loat jatay hain..!!!

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March 23, 1940: The Lahore Resolution

March 23, 1940: The Lahore Resolution

"The people of Pakistan celebrate the 23rd of March, every year, with great zeal and enthusiasm, to commemorate the most outstanding achievement of the Muslims of South Asia who passed the historic Pakistan Resolution on this day at Lahore in 1940."

FROM March 22 to March 24, 1940, the Quaid-i-Azam is presiding over the session while Chaudhry Khaliquzzaman is seconding the Resolution.All India Muslim League held its annual session at Minto Park, Lahore. This session proved to be historical.

On the first day of the session, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah narrated the events of the last few months. In an extempore speech he presented his own solution of the Muslim problem. He said that the problem of India was not of an inter-communal nature, but manifestly an international one and must be treated as such.

To him the differences between Hindus and the Muslims were so great and so sharp that their union under one central government was full of serious risks. They belonged to two separate and distinct nations and therefore the only chance open was to allow them to have separate states.

In the words of Quaid-i-Azam: "Hindus and the Muslims belong to two different religions, philosophies, social customs and literature. They neither inter-marry nor inter-dine and, indeed, they belong to two different civilizations that are based mainly on conflicting ideas and conceptions. Their concepts on life and of life are different. It is quite clear that Hindus and Muslims derive their inspiration from different sources of history. They have different epics, different heroes and different episodes. Very often the hero of one is a foe of the other, and likewise, their victories and defeats overlap. To yoke together two such nations under a single state, one as a numerical minority and the other as a majority, must lead to growing discontent and final destruction of any fabric that may be so built up for the government of such a state".

He further said, "Mussalmans are a nation according to any definition of nation. We wish our people to develop to the fullest spiritual, cultural, economic, social and political life in a way that we think best and in consonance with our own ideals and according to the genius of our people".

On the basis of the above mentioned ideas of the QuaAt the All India Muslim League session, March 1940, Nawab Sir Shah Nawaz Mamdot presenting address of welcomeid, A. K. Fazl-ul-Haq, the then Chief Minister of Bengal, moved the historical resolution which has since come to be known as Lahore Resolution or Pakistan Resolution.

The Resolution declared: "No constitutional plan would be workable or acceptable to the Muslims unless geographical contiguous units are demarcated into regions which should be so constituted with such territorial readjustments as may be necessary. That the areas in which the Muslims are numerically in majority as in the North-Western and Eastern zones of India should be grouped to constitute independent states in which the constituent units shall be autonomous and sovereign".

It further reads, "That adequate, effective and mandatory safeguards shall be specifically provided in the constitution for minorities in the units and in the regions for the protection of their religious, cultural, economic, political, administrative and other rights of the minorities, with their consultation. Arrangements thus should be made for the security of Muslims where they were in a minority".

The Resolution repudiated the concept of United India and recommended the creation of an independent Muslim state consisting of Punjab, N. W. F. P., Sindh and Baluchistan in the northwest, and Bengal and Assam in the northeast.

The Resolution was seconded by Maulana Zafar Ali Khan from Punjab, Sardar Aurangzeb from the N. W. F. P., Sir Abdullah Haroon from Sindh, and Qazi Esa from Baluchistan, along with many others.

The Resolution was passed on March 24. It laid down only the principles, with the details left to be worked out at a future date. It was made a part of the All India Muslim League's constitution in 1941. It was on the basis of this resolution that in 1946 the Muslim League decided to go for one state for the Muslims, instead of two.

Having passed the Pakistan Resolution, the Muslims of India changed their ultimate goal. Instead of seeking alliance with the Hindu community, they set out on a path whose destination was a separate homeland for the Muslims of India--with a great name of Pakistan.

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Pakistan in Iran, Quran recitation of International Qiraat Competition Iran 2008

This is the recitation from young Pakistani reciter Qari Mubashir Dilawar Shahat in International Qiraat Competition Iran 2008.He got 9th position out of 70 countries.

This is how Arabs eat Biryani

This is how Arabs eat Biryani in big

Mukhtar Mai Got Married With A Policeman

“Mukhtar Mai” a pakistani gang rape victim women. Mukhtar Mai was raped allegedly ordered by a village council as a punishment for a misdemeanour blamed on her brother. She got married with a policeman Nasir Abbas Gabol belong to Muzaffargarh. Some people say that Ms Mai said that she would not marry, but she tells I said only that relationships are in the hands of Allah and if I got a good man I will absolutely get marry. Mukhtar Mai is one of two wives of constable Nasir Abbas. The marriage was solemnised at a simple ceremony in her village, Mirwala. She first met Nasir Abbas when he was posted at the police station in the village after her gang rape in 2002. About two years ago cnstable Nasir Abbas proposed Ms Mai but declined as she knew that he is already married and she did not want to ruin his first wife’s life.

But after Mukhtar Mai rejection Naisr Abbas told her that if she will not marry with him, he will threatened to divorce his first wife. He also tried to commit suicide. His sisters are married into his first wife’s family - and in a tit-for-tat move they were threatened with divorce too if Nasir Abbas divorced his first wife. Nasir Abbas’s first wife and his two sisters approached Mukhtar Mai and pleaded with her to marry Nasir Abbas. So she got married because she did not want to break up three families. Mukhtar Mai was honoured as Woman of the Year by Glamour magazine in a ceremony in Washington in 2005.T he award praised Ms Mai for “her incredible courage and optimism in the face of terrible violence”.

Interesting Facts


1. If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days, you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.

(Hardly seems worth it)

2. If you fart consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb.

(Now that's more like it)

3. A pig's orgasm lasts for 30 minutes.

(In my next life I want to be a pig)

(How'd they figure this out, and why?)

4. Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour.

(Still can't get over that pig thing)

(Don't try this at home...maybe at work?)

5. Humans and dolphins are the only species that have sex for pleasure.

(Is that why Flipper was always smiling?)

(And pigs get 30-minute orgasms? Doesn't seem fair)

6. The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue.


7. Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people do.

(If you're ambidextrous do you split the difference?)

8. The ant can lift 50 times its own weight, can pull 30 times its own weight and always falls over on its right side when intoxicated.

(From drinking little bottles of...?)

(Did taxpayers pay for this research??)

9. Polar bears are left handed.

(Who knew....? Who cares? How'd they find out, did they ask them?)

10. The catfish has over 27,000 taste buds.

(What can be so tasty on the bottom of the pond?)

11. The flea can jump 350 times its body length.

It's like a human jumping the length of a football field.

(30 minutes...can you imagine?? And why pigs?)

12. A cockroach will live nine days without it's head, before it starves to death.


13. The male praying mantis cannot copulate while its head is attached to its body. The female initiates sex by ripping the male's head off.

(Honey, I'm home. What the....)

(Well, at least pigs get a break there...)

14. Some lions mate over 50 times a day.

(In my next life I still want to be a pig ... quality over quantity)

15. Butterflies taste with their feet.

(Oh, Geez) (That's almost as bad as catfish)

16. An ostrich's eye is bigger than it's brain.

(I know some people like that.)

17. Starfish don't have brains.

(I know some people like that too.)

Mere molla

Kahin Mile tu ......

Double Sawari per Pabandi

Double Sawari per Pabandi hai
4 ki sawari per tu nahi

Karachi mein Larkay ik bike per 4 Boys
Danger Drive:)

Hamisha Dair kar deta hon

A Danger Beauti

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A Beautiful Shair

Nice Picture

Beautiful Hair Style

Interview Tips

Interview Tips

All that hard work sending out résumés has finally paid off and you've been called in for a face-to-face job interview. Congratulations! This is an important next step in your job search. It's also your only chance to make a lasting first impression. On the day of your interview, sweating palms and stomach butterflies are to be expected. But you can reduce your stress level by knowing some common mistakes that interviewees make when meeting with potential employers -- and avoiding them.
Here are 10 of the most common mistakes people make on job interviews:

* 1
Not taking the interview seriously: Don't make the mistake of thinking the interview is just a formality. Even if all the preliminaries have gone well, don't be cavalier and start imagining how you'll start spending your new salary. The biggest error you can make is to assume that, because you've gotten this far, the job is in the bag.

Dressing down: How you present yourself during your initial meeting with a potential employer is very important, and your physical appearance can speak volumes to someone who is meeting you for the first time. Even if you know that the firm allows employees to wear jeans, don't sabotage yourself by showing up to the interview in casual clothing. Err on the side of conservative and show up in neat, professional clothing, preferably a business suit.

Not showing why you're the best choice: Be familiar with the job description of the position you're interviewing for so you can illustrate how your experience, abilities, and strengths are in line with the company's needs. Many potential employers want to know why they should hire you specifically. Make it clear to them.

Being too modest: Failing to talk yourself up during an interview is one of the most self-defeating mistakes you can make. This is not the time for humility, so sing your praises! Don't be afraid to talk up everything you've accomplished, whether in school or in previous companies. This is your time to shine.

Talking too much: Be careful not to talk over the interviewer. This meeting should be a two-way conversation, and many interviewees cover up their nervousness by blathering on. Sit calmly and listen carefully, answering questions thoughtfully.

Focusing on the funds: Don't start talking about money too soon into the interview. Focusing on your salary requirements and previous salary history right off the bat may cause you to reveal too much. While the topic of salary will certainly come up, follow the interviewer' s lead. He or she may be saving that topic for a later conversation.

Trash talking: Even if you hated your former boss or felt you were treated unfairly by your previous employer, a job interview is not the place to launch into a litany of complaints. Don't go there. If you were laid off or fired from a previous position, be prepared with an explanation that puts a positive spin on the circumstances.

Failing to ask questions: Your résumé may be impressive on paper, but employers also appreciate a candidate who can ask several intelligent questions during an interview. Prepare at least 3 or 4 questions in advance to ask the interviewer. Interviews are an exchange of information, and not having questions to ask can reveal a lack of preparation.

Lack of enthusiasm: This is your first and sometimes only chance to showcase your personality. Don't walk in announcing how you're having a bad day. Be polite and upbeat. Show your enthusiasm for both the job and the opportunity to interview for it. And don't forget to thank the person at the end of the interview!

Forgetting the follow-up: Make sure to send a handwritten thank-you note or polite email to the interviewer expressing gratitude for his or her time and consideration. And while you don't want to start calling the company on a daily basis, a phone call checking in a week after the interview is perfectly acceptable.

Pakistani Brides

Policeman in lahore

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